The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius Manga

The Lazy Prince Becomes a Genius Manga

Reformation of the Deadbeat Noble Manga Info :

A recently started manag and already a favorite. 

This weak to strong manga depicts that of a useless noble that transforms himself into a swordsman. 

I do hope The Lazy Prince Becomes A Genius continues to thrive, if you are reading this and enjoy it as much as I, it’s very similar to Slave B just a suggestion. 

All in all a great manwha and i’m excited to see it’s potential. 


the story is something that has been explored somewhat in different books but the way this book expands on the lazy person/bedridden becomes hardworking it’s just amazing and not to sound weird or anything but the girls in this book diffidently fulfill my muscle fetish


This has automatically became one of my fav stories out there. The idea of not recarnating but using memories has been done before but not executed as well as this one. Don’t want to say any spoilers but the way he builds off everyone and everyone does the same and our MC finding his own will is an amazing story to read. As of now there are only 32 chapters and if it goes smoothly I think this could be a big one. 


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Where can I read The Lazy Prince Becomes A Genius?

You can read The Lazy Prince Becomes A Genius manga online at in English for free.


The Lazy Lord Masters the Sword is a Fantasy Webtoon Original adapted by doip and art by Dodomoon and original work by Second Star; it updates every Monday. The original Korean Webtoon premiered on Naver.

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